Thursday, January 14, 2010


Youth Congress celebrated Children's day 2009 in the presidency of Senthilkumaran . Among 300 talented children and youth all over Pondicherry state, extra-ordinary talented persons were selected according to their merits and given a title as
" Mazhalai manickam" and "Ilankalai mani" respectively. At this ceremony Central Minister V.Narayanasamy M.P attended as the chief guest, Chief Minister V.Vaithilingam,State Congress president A.V.Subramaniyam , Rajya Sabha Member P.Kannan M.P, State Public Health Minister Mr.Namasivam,MLAs Lakshminarayan,Bussy Anand and other Congress office bearers accompanied him. The ceremony was organised by Samraj and Ramamoorthi, state youth congress general secretaries with Natura Natesa Iyer and other youth congress volunteers.

Sunday, December 20, 2009